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Joseph Osborne

Nathaniel Everett

We love music. Music takes us home.

Music reminds us of who we love and why.

We started O&E with a craftsman eye toward music. At age 25 Joe began building harpsichords, always searching for the best materials to make great instruments. In 2012 Nat graduated from Chimneys Violin Shop, receiving his Luthier's degree in violin making. With our combined experience and love of craftsmanship, we have been able to put music back into our neighbor's homes, schools and religious places of worship. We are just two guys who geek out about stringed instruments and want to use our skill to help others create music.

Joe lives in Carlisle with his wife Midge and retired from piano work in 2019.

Nat lives in Carlisle, with his wife Jen. He enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family.

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    • How often should my piano be tuned?

      Many manufacturer warranties recommend getting the piano tuned every six months. Many will get their piano tuned every three months if they use it regularly or if the piano is new since the strings stretch and the wood is adapting to a new environment.  

    • Do pianos need tuning if they're not being played?

      Yes. There's a tremendous amount of tension in a piano, which is gradually released over time, making pianos go flat. Each string has about 150 pounds of pressure on it which creates about sixteen tons of tension. Pianos that are not maintained regularly will require additional service to bring them back to proper specifications. 

    • What is the cost of a tuning?

      Basic tuning (serviced within one year) - $150

      Tuning plus (service has run over one year) - $150 -$250

      To view more rates and sign up for a tuning go to our online scheduling platform:

    • What Payment do you accept?

      Cash, Check or Card.

    • Do you move pianos?

      We work with Everest Moving Company that specializes in piano moving. Phone (717) 314-7647 Website: http://everestmoving.com/index.html

    • Other than tuning, what other maintenance may be needed?

      A piano has over 9,000 parts many of which are moving while the piano is moving. Minor repairs may be needed from time to time due to strings breaking, keys sticking or other numerous problems. 

    • What is action regulation?

      Pianos have many moving parts that are made with felts and leathers.  As the piano is played and the humidity rises and falls parts need adjustments to the instrument plays properly.  

    • What is your service area?

      For Tunings we serve a 50 mile radius around Carlisle Pennsylvania including all of Cumberland County. For Piano Repairs and Restorations we serve all of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington DC. Call us to see how we can help.